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All you need to know about the different benefits of yoga

All you need to know about the different benefits of yoga

Do you know what the benefits of yoga practice are?

Memory, sleep, communication, intelligence and the fight against pain, yoga is beneficial for both body and mind. Explanations.

This millenary discipline, born in India, which allows us to work on both body and mind, is increasingly praised for its benefits on our health. And the good news is that it is accessible to everyone!

The many benefits of yoga
Whether it's a fashion trend or not, the observation is there: we never stop discovering the virtues of yoga, supported by scientific studies. First, it reduces stress through work on breathing, meditation and letting go. Its practice thus improves pathologies related to overwork, such as hypertension, digestive disorders or sleep disorders... This gentle body work also helps to fight against multiple pains: scientific studies show encouraging results on back pain or osteoarthritis. Yoga has also entered the hospital, particularly to relieve the side effects of cancer treatment.

Yoga is accessible to all
Even if you are not very flexible or athletic, don't worry! In yoga, we do not seek performance, on the contrary. Everyone learns to respect their limits, while developing them as they practice. Everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can get started, as it is an excellent way to strengthen the body's balance and mobility. The result: a significant improvement in the quality of life. In case of pain or chronic diseases, it is still better to be well supervised to start and inform your teacher.

The secret: regular practice
All professionals agree that what matters is not to practice intensely, but as regularly as possible, even if it is only ten to fifteen minutes a day, by performing for example one or two postures (asanas) and a breathing exercise (pranayama). Two group sessions of forty-five minutes to one hour per week are recommended.

Finding your yoga
Hatha yoga (gentle yoga, from which other practices are derived) and vinyasa yoga (dynamic, with postural sequences) are the most common. But there are dozens of different yogas, from the most meditative to the most acrobatic: yoga nidra (known as "sleep yoga"), yin yoga (based on stretches and postures to be held for a long time), bikram yoga (in a room heated to 40°C) and even hormonal yoga, to accompany the changes associated with menopause. The easiest way is to take advantage of the "discovery" offers of specialized rooms to test several of them and choose the one that suits you best.

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