Exercise to lose weight

you have probably heard a thousand times that to lose weight you have to practice sports or else you have to start eating a healthy diet.

The only thing that is true is that one doesn't go without the other. Let's take for example a person who is motivated to lose weight, joins the nearest sports club and every night finds himself with his friends in the fast food restaurant 100 meters away from his place of life enjoying a wonderful hamburger.

There is also this person who at the beginning is very motivated but the more time passes, the more the person finds excuses not to go to sport, we all know someone like that in our entourage.

Also, this person who, after seeing videos on many social networks, thinks that sport is for people who are already in good physical condition.
I could give you a mountain of excuses that people who want to lose weight use to not achieve their dreams.

The question you're probably asking yourself now is: So why do we tell people who want to lose weight to play sports?

First of all, you need a diet to lose weight which will put the body in demand for energy because the diet is no longer sufficient to cover its needs. Spontaneously, the body will obtain this energy by "burning" fat and muscle, i.e. by transforming adipose tissue and muscle proteins into sugars.

Secondly, regular exercise will force the body to preserve muscles and turn to fat to find the energy it lacks. This is why the practice of a sport is the indispensable companion of a diet designed to lose weight. It allows you to burn more energy (the energy expenditure linked to sport contributes to the final effect), but above all prevents the body from consuming muscle rather than fat.

What sports should you practice?
When choosing a sport to accompany a slimming diet, one tends to prefer endurance sports. In fact, sports practiced without interruption for at least half an hour are those that best trigger the process of fat consumption. In the case of obese people, the choice of sport to practice also depends on the condition of their joints, especially at the hips and knees. For these people, swimming or cycling are well-suited endurance sports because they relieve the joints of the body's weight.

People who manage to combine these two main points are generally successful in achieving their goals.

To make it simpler: motivation, diet for weight loss, regular practice of sports and not physical activity will make you lose the extra kilo that bothers you time.

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