There are many types of yogas, each with their own specificities and needs. But one thing is certain: good practice means being comfortable. Your outfit should not restrict your movements and should guarantee maximum comfort. Here are a few criteria that will help you choose the right outfit!

Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Meditation... To practice these different types of gentle yoga, your outfit must be adapted and meet a few criteria. Among those, we advise you to take into account the softness of the textiles, the freedom of movement offered by the clothing and the eco-design, in order to practice with a clear conscience and a light mind...

In practice, gentle yoga favours slow postures, in close connection with listening to one's breath. To allow you to be fully concentrated on your postures and the sequences of movements, choose an outfit that will bring you maximum comfort. This first criterion will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of the practice and those moments when you find yourself with yourself. The softness of a garment is obviously a matter of perception: choose clothes that you find particularly soft to the touch, made of cotton, and warm enough to feel no discomfort. You should also have a warm jacket on hand to make the most of the relaxation phases. In short, wrap yourself in softness and warmth if necessary, and stay focused solely on your practice!

Second important criterion: freedom of movement. During the routines and posture dresses, your body and spine are mobilized along multiple axes. The eight families of postures - which represent a wide range of exercises - require a large range of movement. It is important that your posture does not hinder your movements and allows you to move as you wish. There is no question of your clothing interfering with your practice, you will benefit less from it! On the contrary, your outfit must accompany you, follow your movements and guarantee real bodily freedom. In terms of example, your belly must not be compressed: when working on breathing, the diaphragm must be free. Gentle yoga teachers generally recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing: the postures are performed at a relatively slow pace and it is crucial to be focused on your breathing and sensations.  So make sure you choose clothes that are loose fitting and stretchy, a good way to fit your body shape and movements! 

In addition to guaranteed comfort, your outfit must also meet certain criteria that could be described as ethical. Breathe, relax, relieve stress... Yoga is synonymous with well-being. And generally, its practitioners say they are sensitive to the notions of body limits, respect for others and environmental protection. Opting for an organic cotton outfit reduces the impact on the environment. Organic cotton preserves biodiversity, soil fertility and reduces the risk of groundwater pollution. Water consumption is reduced by 60% compared to conventional cotton. Because the practice of yoga aims to take care of your body and mind, it is important to adapt your clothing: by choosing responsibly manufactured clothing, you are subscribing to the philosophy of your practice and adhering to it. One more way to practice light-hearted, stress-free practice!

There are a few more small options to consider when choosing your dynamic yoga outfit. Whether you're more of an Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa or Hot/Bikram, your clothing should guarantee real opacity, always put you at ease in your movements and evacuate heat quickly. Because, yes, you will sweat! Here are a few tips to help you feel perfectly at ease during your practice...

The more you progress in the practice of dynamic yoga, the more flexible you will become. From then on, your postures will gain in fluidity and amplitude! During the realization of these movements, with more or less acrobatic character, the fabric of your clothing, and in particular your leggings or trousers, will be stretched in an important way. In terms of example, the posture of the Dog upside down will be difficult to achieve if the textile material does not stretch! You therefore need a material that retains all its opacity even when the fabric is stretched... Because you may not want to reveal your shapes during your exercises... So don't hesitate to test this characteristic beforehand: in spite of strong tension, your clothes must remain opaque and not transparent. It is also a condition to practice in all serenity, without worrying about what may or may not show through...

As with gentle yoga, your outfit must also guarantee you complete freedom of movement. There is no question of being hindered in the realization of the postures, even if they have a more ample and stretched character... The practice of a dynamic yoga indeed requires much agility and flexibility. Opt for an outfit close to the body, like a second skin, which will allow you to be perfectly at ease, especially during inverted postures. A stretch outfit will perfectly fit your curves and will accompany you in every movement. You can also choose clothes without seams or with ultra-flat seams to avoid any risk of friction. To focus on practice, enjoy the moment and disconnect, it is essential that your outfit accompanies you in every movement and is not a hindrance to performing the exercises.

Finally, managing perspiration is essential in dynamic yoga: this practice is indeed more demanding on the body than gentle yoga and will put more strain on your muscle groups. The rhythm is not the same and your body, exercise after exercise, will tend to make more heat. To practise in a serene way, opt for fabrics that release it as you go: they will allow you to keep yourself at an optimal temperature and avoid heat strokes during the session! For this type of yoga, opt for light clothing with breathable technical fabrics that effectively wick away perspiration. The aim is to keep you dry and comfortable. 

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