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How To Relieve Back Pain Effectively

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How To Relieve Back Pain Effectively

How To Relieve Back Pain Effectively

Talking from experience, back pain is the worst kind of pain any of us can experience. Even though it doesn’t sound that bad but the one who has it knows exactly how difficult it is to complete all daily chores, show up to work or even have fun with an aching back.

According to report, 80% of Americans are bound to suffer from back pain once in their lifetime. For most of the people, injury is either triggered by a strenuous activity such as weight lifting or gardening or because of any health related issues regarding strength of the body.

“It felt like a screwdriver was piercing through my bones,” the 46-year-old tells a magazine about the pain she developed after running half a marathon. “It took over my life. I couldn’t bend down or sleep — I was petrified I would never feel normal again.”

As I said before, back pain is a common issue and many people suffer from the dull ache that usually results from either age-related change to the spine or pulling something heavy. For majority of people, the pain subsides with simple homecare remedies but there are many whose complete lifestyle is impacted by the pain.

Chief of Physical Therapy at Harvard University and the spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association, Mary Ann Wilmarth says that it is essential that people who suffer from any kind of back pain address it seriously and get it treated right away, “Early intervention can help prevent a chronic problem from developing and obviate the need for medication and surgery,” she says.

However, thanks to several lower back pain relief exercises, physical therapy, and core strengthening exercises, you can relieve your back pain effectively. I used a combination of following suggestions and now, I have been able to relieve my back pain and get back to my life efficiently.

  • Limit bed rest

Various studies have shown people suffering from lower back pain that stay more active are less-likely to have a hard time dealing with the ache as compared to those who stay in bed for longer periods of time.

So, the first and foremost thing I did to relieve my back pain was to limit my time spent on bed. I strictly went with 8-hours of sleep a day and avoided staying in bed for longer hours during the day. I moved as much as possible and buried myself in healthy activities.

This way, when I finally went to bed at night, I would be tired like anything and would go to sleep instantly instead of staying up late. This also helped in staying more active and energetic throughout the day and I experienced a constant decrease in my backache.

  • Exercise is the key

When they say exercising is the key to all happiness, they’re absolutely right.

There are several yoga poses for back pain that I tried and they all resulted in the decrease of my ache. Activity and engaging in healthy yet strengthening exercises is they to relieving back pain.

Another thing that I noticed while I was on my exercise regime was the fact that I lose a lot of weight. Once that happened, my back pain automatically disappeared. Even if you don’t want to engage in tough and hard poses, just go for a walk everyday by regularly.

That is also really helpful and it gets people out from their sitting posture and puts them in a neutral position.

But you need to ensure that you keep a moderate position. Avoid strenuous exercises or activities that might have caused the pain to appear in the first place.

  • Maintain a good posture

Usually, the pain that appears is caused by a strenuous activity but the strain caused by it afterwards has always been building up for several years.

That is mainly because most of the people maintain a poor posture of waling and sleeping even sitting while growing up and that causes strain, one that appears after several years.

Simplifying it for you here, you can literally put bad pressure on your back just by bending in the wrong posture while brushing your teeth. What you need to do is main a right amount of curvature in the back so that it puts off pressure from your nerves. This will automatically reduce your back pain and you will feel much more relaxed.

  • Strengthen your core

Most of the people who suffer from chronic back pain will only benefit from stronger abdominal muscles.

Your torso is a combination of many muscles working together. If your abdominals are weak, other areas will have to pick up the slack and compensate for the lack from abdominal muscles. Once you start working on strengthening the abdominals, there’s a great chance it will reduce strain on your back.

You will find many exercises to back pain relief that will help you in strengthening your abdominal muscles.

  • Never use brace

I know how tempting it is to use a back brace but I met several physical therapists and they said one thing in common “ditch the brace”.

Braces are very helpful for strenuous activities but you should only put them on for 10-15 minutes. If you keep wearing the brace all day long, then muscles which should be providing you with stability will weaken and you will have less core strength.


  • Work on flexibility

Too much tension and tightness in muscles can cause back pain. My goal was to put equal amount of pressure throughout my body, from head to toe. A good exercise that I can recommend is to sit on the edge of the bed while putting one leg on the floor and the other in the air. Give your hamstrings a stretch by leaning forward while keeping your back in a neutral position

I would also suggest making use of lower back pain relief stretches and improving your flexibility.

  • Always see a specialist

In order to overcome my chronic back pain, I had to get developed an exercising plan, one that I followed and got results.

You need to do the same. Always consult a specialist before doing anything that you saw on the internet. What was right for me doesn’t always mean will be right for you.

Only a specialist will know the kind of pain you’re going though and how will you be able to overcome it efficiently. The physician will also tell you about the things and movements you need to remain cautious from so your pain doesn’t at all increase.

  • Apply heat and ice

Heating pads and cold packs are really efficient in healing trunks. Most of the doctors will recommend using ice for the first 48-hours of the injury especially if there is swelling and then switch to heat.

One thing that most of the people ask is which one is better than the other and the answer is, neither!

It always depends on the patient that if ice is bringing him comfort or cold. He can use either as long as his skin remains protected.

So, this is how I got over my back pain and these are some of the methods that can help you thoroughly as well. But remember, back pain is of several kinds and not all of them can be treated by us.

You need to get in touch with a specialist to know what exactly is wrong so that it can be treated efficiently. But one thing that is always beneficial is exercise. Try and always keep the right posture and develop a solid exercising regime that you follow regularly. This will make a huge difference and you will know it. 

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