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The triumph of children's yoga

The triumph of children's yoga

At what age can we start?

From the age of 3, but at that age, learning is very different from that of adults. The sessions are much more dynamic, the postures simplified, and the classes often include music, drawing, games and relaxation.

How does a session work?

It usually lasts one hour, in groups of 10 maximum. The one for 3-7 year olds is built around a theme: a trip to space, to the seaside, to the jungle... Children imitate animals they might encounter (the dog, the cobra...), the elements of nature (the tree, the mountain...), while learning the postures. We always end the course with a relaxing story.

And for the older ones, how is the course structured?

With the 8-13 year olds, we hold the postures longer, we follow a series of greetings in the sun and we work more on our breathing. Preteens have the same stress level as adults. Before school holidays, when they are in a period of control and tired, I focus on postures that allow them to learn to concentrate better, to relax, the objective being to offer them tools so that they feel a physical and emotional well-being.

Are there any contraindications?

No, I would even say that yoga is much softer than the gym at school. And, unlike other disciplines, there is no notion of competition. The postures are immediately within reach of the children. The progression is done naturally, smoothly, at everyone's pace.

What are the benefits of this discipline?

Flexibility, balance and relaxation: very quickly, we realize that they sleep better. Yoga also improves concentration and attention. And even improves self-confidence. Once a week, progress is quickly visible.

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