To help you find yours, we invite you here to discover the different practices. There is bound to be a yoga made for you!

For whom?
Physically demanding, dynamic yogas are primarily intended for people who are rather young and healthy. They are perfectly suited to all those who already practice another sport such as running, diving, surfing, dancing which require a lot of concentration, flexibility, endurance, resistance... Indeed, yoga is very beneficial as a complement to other activities and it is not uncommon to see more and more top athletes doing it to increase their performance. Young people entering active life or teenagers will also be captivated by these disciplines, to release their stress and regain their energy.

What kind of yoga?
- Ashtanga: this type of yoga is based on a series of postures that follow one another at a steady pace. It uses different breathing techniques (Ujjayi + Vinyasa). Very dynamic, it purifies the body and helps it get rid of toxins.

- Hot Yoga: inspired by the bikram yoga named after its founder, they offer sessions that last 1h30 in a room heated to 40°. These classes are especially appealing to people who want to move, relax and sweat, but also to those who want to lose weight.

- Vinyasa yoga: Etymologically vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning synchronization of movements on the breath. More creative and freer than Ashtanga yoga, the sequence of postures on a dynamic rhythm is done according to the experience of the practitioner.

- Iyengar: it is a very physical and postural yoga, with an important work on breathing. To reach the perfection of the postures, the yogis use here straps, bricks, walls...

For whom?
Mild and relaxing yogas are suitable for everyone and for people of all ages, to age fit and supple! They are aimed at young active or retired people in search of well-being, mothers who need a break, or those who have given up sport and wish to keep up a gentle sporting activity without risk to the body.

What kind of yoga?
- Hatha yoga: this is the most widespread form of yoga in the West. It is ideal for gently relaxing your body after a day's work, relaxing and promoting sleep. It is based on a work of breathing (pranayama), standing or sitting postures (asanas) and twisting.

- Yin yoga: this type of yoga has the particularity of being extremely soft and slow to allow a total letting go and make nervous tensions that cause stress disappear. The principle is to move as little as possible and to keep the postures for a long time while respecting the limits of the body. This yoga is very close to meditation.

- Restorative yoga: it is a discipline in which a lot of importance is given to the work of the postures. These are maintained for a long time, in music, in the half-light. This yoga is very beneficial for recovery, it allows to soften the body gently. It is ideal for people in rehabilitation phase or for pregnant women.

You now know the main types of yogas available to help you choose yours. This is of course a sample of the different practices, the methods are still numerous and are still developing! Feel free to meditate on the yoga that best suits your desires!

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