Yoga and Knee Pain: How to Deal with yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally?

Yoga and Knee Pain: How to Deal with yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally?


Yoga is an ancient art of mind and body rejuvenation technique. Yoga poses and breathing exercises takes care of your overall health using these techniques. After you learn and practice them, you can overcome various health problems naturally. The reason is, yoga poses are stretch exercises focusing on different parts of the body. Practising yoga every day helps you to control your weight, reduce stress and keeps you calm and relax. In many countries of the world, Yoga is considered as an alternative therapy to cure various ailments. Knee pain is one of them. Yoga postures are great for people suffering from knee pain. This is also a proven form of natural treatment for knee pain. Thus, yoga and knee pain correlates with each other. We will learn about how to Deal with yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally.

What causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a severe problem to deal with in our everyday life. This acute problem is identified among people of every age. It grows with the age unless given immediate medical attention. In case of severe knee pain or weak knee symptoms, doctors even advise surgery. However, Yoga postures can deal with knee pain to cure it naturally. A person suffers from Knee pain for various reasons. It could be a rupture of the ligament, bone degeneration or due to the use of steroids. Patients suffering from knee pain problem faces extreme discomfort, swelling and stiffness around the knee area.

What are the symptoms of Knee Pain?

If it is temporary knee pain, it can be cured quickly once attention is given on time. However, there are cases of chronic knee pain. In those cases, physician advice is required. If you want to deal with knee pain naturally, yoga is an amazing alternative. Some common forms of knee pain problem are - Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, chondromalacia patella and gout.


How can you diagnose a Knee Pain?


If the knee pain is not chronic, you can easily diagnose it based on the symptoms mentioned above. However, in the case of chronic knee pain, you must consult a physician and get various imaging tests done. Generally, the doctor recommends MRI, X-rays or CT scan in these cases to do a deeper analysis of the problem.


How to Deal with yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally?


Practising yoga every day gives relief to people suffering from knee pain. There are various yoga poses or stretch exercises which strengthen the muscles around the knee region. It also helps in proper knee alignment. You need learning these postures properly and then practice them every day for better results. We’ll learn about the best yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally.

Best yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally.


Mindful stretching exercises like Yoga can help you to tackle knee pain easily. However, it is important to know which yoga posture will give effective result for knee pain. You should never do any exercise with a rapid leg or spine movement if you are suffering from knee pain. Carefully select those yoga postures where you’ll have slow, controlled and rheumatic movements. Thus, the chances for a knee injury is less when you practice Yoga. Practising the best yoga postures for knee pain regularly increases flexibility and keeps your knees healthy. Let’s get an overview of these yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally.


Tadasana or the Mountain Pose


Tadasana or the Mountain Pose is a very basic yoga posture but is extremely effective to deal with knee pain. All you need is to stand isometrically on a yoga mat with both hands stretched up and toes tucked on the mat. You will feel your body weight will fall evenly on your knees. Breath slowly and push your body up on your heels. Hold the posture for a few seconds and bring back to normal. Keep practising this for a few weeks, and you’ll notice improvements in your knee pain.


Trikonasana or Triangle Pose


In this posture, you need positioning your body like a triangle. From Mountain pose, stretch your legs apart on the yoga mat and position one foot in a ninety-degree angle. Keep the other foot at a seventy-five-degree angle. Stretch both legs and bend over from the hip joint. You’ll be aligning your body like a triangle, stretching your legs and hands. Hold yourself for at least five breaths and come back to the Mountain pose.


Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II


For Warrior II posture, you need keeping the positions of your legs similar to what you’ve done in Triangle Pose. This is an amazing yoga posture for knee pain and helps to cure it naturally. After standing in the perfect position with legs spread apart and twisted foot, don’t bend over. Stress your arms on both sides horizontally putting pressure on your right knee. Hold the position for at least five breaths and get back to normal.


Virasana or Hero's Pose


Virasana is a great yoga posture for those suffering from knee pain. It looks simple but is extremely effective to give relief from knee pain. There are simple steps to practice this Yoga. Just sit on your yoga mat with folded legs keeping your spine straight. Push your buttocks down to touch the yoga mat keeping your folded legs intact on both sides. Now, count up to five breaths and sit in the same position then slowly come back to normal posture.


What diet to eat in case you are practising yoga postures for knee pain to cure it naturally?


There is no specific diet chart to follow while you’re practising yoga. However, Yoga promotes healthy living and healthy eating. Therefore, make sure you are avoiding junk and fried foods. Eat more fruits and green vegetables. Ensure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet.



Yoga is a great exercise, but you must learn to do it properly for effective results. We are here to assist you with this. Contact Us, if you need professional guidance and step-by-step training to master Yoga.

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