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Yoga and Neck Pain: Why Yoga for Neck Pain is the best Natural Treatment?

Yoga and Neck Pain: Why Yoga for Neck Pain is the best Natural Treatment?

Yoga and Neck Pain: Why Yoga for Neck Pain is the best Natural Treatment?


Neck pain is a severe problem which most of us suffer. At the initial stage, it doesn’t look to be a big problem. Most of us don’t give full attention and leave it unattended. Once it’s chronic, it becomes painful and difficult to deal with. Medical treatments for Neck pain are always available. But there are ways to treat the neck pain naturally. Yoga, as an exercise for neck pain, gained immense popularity to cure it naturally. We’ll learn about how yoga and neck pain co-relates with each other. We’ll also learn why yoga for neck pain is the best natural treatment and even suggested by physicians.

What Causes Neck Pain?

In this modern world, we spend most of our time working with our laptops or looking down at our mobile devices. None of us realises that unknowingly we are craning our neck at awkward angles which we shouldn’t do. Our collar bone has soft tissues. When we keep repeating this bad posture over and over again, it leads to the severe problem of neck pain. It is undoubtedly the most common reason for neck pain. Finally, we run to a doctor or take a pain killer tablet or injection for immediate relief from painful neck pain. Pain killers are bad for health. But why to do all these when there is Yoga for neck pain. Learn the exercise for neck pain yoga to improve postures and cure the neck pain naturally.

Which are the other reasons for neck pain?

Sometimes people suffer from neck pain because of stiffness. In some cases, it is because of the fat decomposition on the back of your neck. Yoga for neck pain is effective in both these cases. Yoga poses are various forms of stretching exercises, focusing on improving postures and flexibility, targetting different parts of the body. It rejuvenates your mind and connects you with nature equally.

Why is Yoga for Neck Pain a natural treatment backed by Science?

Many doctors around the globe also recommend yoga for neck pain. The reason is, people suffer from neck pain because of poor posture, stress, neck injury or in chronic cases like osteoarthritis. Yoga is a natural science where you learn how to keep your mind healthy. It means you can tackle stress, anxiety and depression problems easily. You learn the controlled breathing techniques and breathing exercises to address these problems. Doctors states these as one of the significant medical reasons for people to suffer from neck pain.


Furthermore, Yoga exercises or poses teach you how to keep your body in the correct posture. Keeping your neck in an improper position, time and again, is another reason for neck pain according to Doctors. Neck pain yoga gives a solution to this by teaching you the correct posture to keep your neck. Therefore, you’ll feel relieved and cure this problem slowly. Thus, we can say that Yoga for Neck Pain is a natural treatment backed by Science.

What are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?

You can quickly identify a neck pain problem. Generally, it starts with a stiff neck when you face difficulty turning your head freely on both sides. Other symptoms include sharp pain or pain radiating along a nerve to the other body parts, especially to shoulder and arm. It can even get intense in the case of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. Some people also suffer from a headache or severe problem like occipital neuralgia.

Do you know what acute and Chronic Neck Pain is?

Neck pain is related to your spine health. Medical Practitioners call a neck pain acute when it gets cured within three months. However, once it crosses the three-months period, it gets chronic. It is a severe medical condition. Good news is, you can treat neck pain naturally from the acute stage with the help of neck pain yoga.

What medical treatments are available to cure Neck Pain?

Best Neck Pain Yoga to cure it Naturally


All the yoga poses and posture helps you to cure the neck pain problem. The reason is, the root of ‘Yoga Asanas’ is - learning the correct position. We’re however listing down the three most effective exercise for neck pain yoga. Once you learn this neck pain yoga, you’ll find an improvement in the acute neck pain and can easily prevent it from getting chronic.


NB: Yoga is an ancient scient whose roots are in India. Therefore, the original name of the Yoga poses is in Sanskrit (ancient Indian Language).


Marjaryasna or Cat Pose - In Sanskrit, ‘Marjari’ means cat, so the English derived name is ‘Cat Pose.’ It is a simple posture to position your body like a cat. Make sure you have rolled on your Yoga Mat before doing this exercise. Position yourself on top of the mat just like an inverted tablespoon on your knees and hands. Now push your neck down and belly up when you breathe in. Do the reverse in case of breath out. Hold the position for at least a couple of minutes while doing the neck movements.


Bitilasana or Cow Pose - This is similar to the Cat Pose. Therefore, remain in the same position after you’ve finished doing with the Cat Pose. In Cow Pose, lift your head and stretch it up slowly while pushing your belly towards the ground. Hold the position for up to five breaths and repeat. Regularly practising this yoga for neck pain gives a great result.


Savasana or Corpse Pose - This is an essential exercise for neck pain yoga. It looks simple but effectively cures neck pain. Sometimes, it is also known as resting pose. You’ll learn to sleep in the correct posture after you practice this asana consistently. Lie down on your yoga mat in resting position with hands-on both side and keeping your body straight on the spine. Breath normal and relax. Don’t turn your head on either side. Keep yourself in the posture for a few minutes and slowly get back to normal.



Yoga is one of the best forms of physical exercise to cure several health issues naturally. Our expert team is ready to assist you with this. If you’re looking for professional guidance and step-by-step training to master the ancient art of Yoga, Contact Us!







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