ABOUT US Gym Your Age™


That's why we work hard

  • Gym Your Age was born from a unique but useful idea for all fashionistas that exploded in an extraordinarily successful online store. 
  • We are very proud to say that 80% of our products are manufactured in the USA.
  • Our main audience is made up of women of all ages who are following today's trends and our goal is to stick to their budgets.
  • We believe that more time and effort is needed to go beyond each day! The happiness of our customers is our top priority at Gym Your Age

Meet Ella : a nurse by training with a passion for fashion since childhood. After 2 years of working, she decided to make a living from her passion. Originally from Australia, Ella's Goal to help women feel good and look their best without spending a fortune was launched on 1st January 2019. Although we are at the beginning of the success of theGym Your Age adventure, its primary obsession is to make the store the easiest to use for women.