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Flashy Relaxed Sports bra

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This stunning bra is your new ideal workout bra with gorgeous designs that simply steal one’s attention. The material is completely moisture-wicking, which enables your bra to stay dry even during the most intense workouts. Sweat-wicking and quite breathable mesh improves air flow and allows your skin to breath freely, bringing freshness and comfort. Its high-quality fabric offers support, smoothness, as well as low-friction performance, making it not only more practical than other ordinary bras, but also more soothing for your skin. In addition to that, our flashy relaxed sports bra features support material in the shoulder straps, as well as a wide elastic band to ensure support and has a double layered front for a more comfortable wear. The bra is made 82% of polyester and 18% of spandex and is available in various different sizes. It is beautifully paired with our flashy leggings that feature similar designs and would undoubtably look stunning if combined with this flashy sports bra. You will be able to move without irritation while having a yoga class, or doing your daily exercise, as our sports bra has seamless and wireless design, completely lacking any wires, hooks or clips that you perhaps wish to avoid. It is going to become your new favorite bra you would wish to wear daily under your shirt and not just as a sports bra, feeling more comfortable in it.